Saturday, September 3, 2016

Penny's Music Recommendations: August 2016

Hello all of you music lovers and welcome back to another rather late Music Recommendations post. I've sadly been in the throes of the dreaded reading slump, which has also kind of zapped all of my creative juices with it. I finally just had to suck it up and force myself away from the lure of tv shows and video games in order to let you know about all of the music I've been listening to in the month of August.

Normally when I write these posts, I'm still obsessively listening to the songs I recommend, but in this case, I've kind of worn them all out to death. Every work day, I have an hour drive to work and an hour drive home from work. Let's just say you over listen to songs with that kind of commute. I'm thinking of exploring audio books just to preserve my music sanity. Anyway, how about I stop blathering and talk to you about all of the songs I've listened to at least 20 times this month.
  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover) by Adele

Normally, I dislike most of Adele's songs and it has nothing to do with her singing ability or the quality of her songs. The real problem is that for four years in college, I was stuck on all girl floors and the moment any of them broke up with their boyfriends, Adele could be heard all the way down the end of the hallway. Freshman year was the worst. Now that I no longer live in a dorm, that dislike has been tempered. When I heard "Send My Love" on the radio, I actually really enjoyed it.

Rather than the usual mournful break-up songs that I generally associate with Adele, this is really catchy and upbeat. I'm also a huge fan of the lyrics, which reflect a break-up from a mature adult perspective.
  • I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

So much of today's indie music has a real 80's aesthetic to it and I honestly don't mind it at all. I know I've featured another Bleachers song on this music recommendation series and as the months go by I like more and more of their songs. In my head, this is the song that you would hear in the background during the climax of a John Hughes movie. Again it has an upbeat electronic/rock sound with lyrics that deal with the desperate desire to improve yourself. 
  • Midnight City by M83

Before I say anything about "Midnight City," let me tell you there is probably an 80% chance that you've already heard this song before, but you just don't know it. This song isn't really known for it's complex lyrics or the misadventures of their band members. The most appealing part to this song is its atmospheric sound. It has the weird synth beat that think at first listen is going to be really obnoxious, but it isn't. I swear this song has been sampled by numerous tv shows, movies, commercials, and video games. After hearing it so many times, I finally looked the song up and it turns out I do really like it. It's also one of those perfect driving songs. I may have to look into M83 some more and see if I like any of their other music.
  • Take a Walk by Passion Pit

Passion Pit is another indie artist that made its way onto my radar through my random Pandora listens. As with much of my taste in music, Passion Pit is described as synthpop, indie pop, and even indietronica in sound (the last term being one that I never even knew existed). The song has a driving synth beat and guitar that distracts you from the kind of depressing lyrics about life and raising a family.
  • Faint of Heart by Tegan and Sara

At first listen, I wasn't really a huge fan of Tegan and Sara's new album, Love You To Death. After a couple of listens, the album is really starting to grow on me. "Faint of Heart" is the newest song to grab my attention. It has that standard indie pop sound that I love. It may not be the best song from the album, but it's still merits a listen or two on the drive into work.

Those are a few of the songs that I listened to over and over again during the month of August. Now I think it's time to break this creative/reading slump of mine. Wish me luck!