Sunday, June 26, 2016

Penny's Music Recommendations: June 2016

Hello music lovers and welcome to another list of all the songs that I've been listening to during the month of June. Is it just me or has June felt like one of the longest months in existence? Not that I'm complaining because I want every month to feel like this. I've brought my severely sunburnt self back inside to blessed UVA free comfort to justify all of my song choices to you. Let's get on with it!
  • Kamakazi by MØ

Every month, at least lately, Buzzfeed has released a massive list of songs you should listen to this month and for about an hour, I sit down and listen to all of them. The most recen list featured one of MØ's songs. Through the YouTube recommendations list, I made my way to "Kamakazi" and the rest was history. For those asking the obvious question, "Who is MØ?" well the short answer is she's the female singer in that top 40 song "Lean On" that everybody seems to love. The long answer is that she's a Danish singer who releases music some call electropop and others call indie pop. She's gotten some notoriety, a least in the U.S, as a featured artist and I think she deserves to have a solo break out.

Kamikaze is this infectious and upbeat electropop song that makes you want to get up and dance. I, for one, love to listen to it on long car rides. It isn't like the electropop that you could easily see played at clubs. It has this ease and laid-back vibe to it that I love. I think I'm going to have to keep my eye on MØ and hope for some more amazing songs.
  • Could Have Been Me by The Struts

It's been quite a long time since I've listened to just straight rock, but summer is a new beginning and I guess it was a time to branch out. On one of my Pandora stations, which is heavily populated by Indie Rock as you can probably guess, this song popped up. "Could Have Been Me" reminds me of all of the songs I listened to as a child. What I mean by that is I grew up with the sounds of my mom's favorite 80's glam rock bands and The Struts kind of has that same aesthetic. As you might expect, the song is about desiring freedom in life and doing whatever you want.  
  • Electric Love (Oliver Remix) by BØRNS

A while ago, I featured Electric Love by BØRNS and found that I really wasn't liking much of his other music. One night while listening to Pandora, the station played this remix of the song and now I love it just as much again.  BØRNS is solidly in the indie pop genre, but this remix gives the song more of a traditional pop sound. The beat is pretty heavy, but vocals hold their own against it. Sometimes indie pop just isn't upbeat enough and this fits the bill.
  • Read My Mind by The Killers

Despite liking Alternative Rock and Indie Rock, I've never been much of a fan of The Killers. I honestly can't explain it. I've heard "Read My Mind" before and never liked it much. Then I heard it one night on one of my Pandora binges and for some reason I was singing along. What I like about this song is that again it's upbeat, but there is a certain sense of melancholia that comes out of nowhere when you listen to it. Or maybe that's just me.
  • Bury It by Chvrches ft. Hayley Williams

You all know by now that I love Chvrches and I also love listening to Paramore. In the back of my mind, I've always wondered what it would be like if the two bands collaborated. Then I checked my twitter one day to discover that dreams do become reality! Chvrches re-released "Bury It" featuring Hayley Williams and it's like synthpop heaven mixed in with just a touch of pop rock. I love that they don't just give Hayley a verse all to herself. She sings right along with Lauren. Now I need a new Paramore song in my life that features Lauren. The world needs to make that happen.

And with that, those are all of the songs that I started listening to in June. Here's to hoping some great summer songs emerge in July because I am ready for some new summer jams to listen to while I slowly burn, despite the billion layers of sunscreen.