Saturday, January 23, 2016

Penny's Music Recommendations: January 2016

Hello music aficionados and welcome to the new year! With the year spread forth ahead of us you know what that music. For those of you faithfully following my music recommendation posts, you know that I spent the majority of my time in December listening to Christmas music. In fact, I wasn't in the mood for any other type of music, so I didn't put much energy into finding new music like I usually do, As a result, this list is a little shorter than I would prefer, but the music that's featured is still amazing and I want you to know about it. Here are the songs that I've been obsessed with during the month of January.
  • Do You Feel It? by Chaos Chaos

I discovered this song purely by accident and chance. One day I was just sitting on the living room couch reading as I usually do after work. My brother decided to watch tv and started flipping through channels. He stopped at cartoon network to see what was on adult swim and this random show Rick and Morty was on and this song was playing. I made him stop changing the channel so that I could listen to it. While I still have absolutely no urge to watch whatever show that was, I found a new favorite song. Choas Chaos is, shockingly, an indie pop/rock group. What I love about this song is that it has this wistful feeling about it, but it also has this hard beat that keeps you interested.Not to mention I love singing along with it. I figure if I liked this song so quickly, I might as well check out their other songs.
  • LA Devotee by Panic! At The Disco

You had to know with the release of Panic! At The Disco's new album on January 15th that there would be some of their songs on this list. Even though I live on the east coast of the U.S. and have no desire to move to the west coast, I love this song. This new album seems to be an experimentation in sound quite like their Pretty. Odd album, but I think this album is much more successful with it. Normally Panic! has a pop punk or pop rock sound that you come to expect from them. This album feels like it has a much stronger pop and even jazz influence. LA Devotee is one of those upbeat pop songs that you can't help dancing and singing along to.  
  • Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco

Speaking of the band's change in sound, Death of a Bachelor, the song which the album takes its name from, is completely unlike any P!ATD song I've enjoyed in the past. I have to admit when I first heard it, I didn't like it at all. When you hear this song you don't think about Panic! you think about Frank Sinatra. It has that same jazzy, old timey sound that I love from Sinatra, but wasn't ready to get from Brendon Urie. It took me a long time to warm up to this song and now that I have, it's the song of choice for shower singing. If you leave all of your expectations at the door, I think you'll enjoy this song.
  • Turn It Around by Lucius

Be prepared. It's about to get a little bit hipster up in here. I'm sorry. I've known about the band Lucius for a while now. I'm not quite sure how I first discovered them, but they are finally starting to get more listeners, in part because of the fact that this song, Turn It Around, is featured on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ commercial. So if you've seen the commercial and wondered what that song was, look no further. Lucius is an indie pop/rock band that has what I imagine to be a very 70s sound. This is what you get when you blend pop with soul and thanks to that commercial, I've been playing it on repeat again. If you listen to Turn It Around and are interested in more Lucius music, you're in luck. The group is finally...FINALLY releasing a new album on March 11th.
  • Empty Threat by Chvrches

It has been months now since the release of Chvrches newest album, Every Open Eye, and I'm still listening to it. That's how good it is. The latest song that I'm obsessed with is Empty Threat. Chvrches is a synthpop band or what some people have been calling indietronica, which is a term I never even knew existed. It makes sense though. Smash together an indie pop sound with synth and you get Chvrches. Empty Threat is one of the songs on the album that you feel like you could actually get up and dance to. You just have to decide whether you want to sing along to it more or dance along to the electronic beats. 
  • Can't Help Falling in Love by Twenty One Pilots (Cover)

By now you all know about my love for Twenty One Pilots. Their music defies any sort of genre classification. Sometimes rock, sometimes pop, and even hip hop. Although I do think they've grown out of the indie label, since they are quite a mainstream band now. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, shakes up their genre classification again by singing what I think is the best rendition of the song, Can't Help Falling in Love. As we all know this was a song by Elvis, a song that I never liked. It was too gushy and saccharine for me. Plus I'm a cynic at heart. I'm not even a fan of ukuleles either, but Tyler's voice gives this song such a hard edged and strangely tender sound that you can't ignore. I'm now a huge fan of this song.

Those are all of the songs that I've been listening to in January that I would recommend to you. As always, give them a listen and you never know. By taking a chance you might find your next favorite song, or even your new favorite band.