Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bookish Christmas Haul 2015

Hello readers! As any book lover knows, the holidays are the best time of the year. Why? Well for once somebody else is buying you the books you've been desperately wanting. Oh and of course seeing your family, holiday cheer, gift giving, and all of that other stuff.

While this post is a little late, I still wanted to show you all of the books and book related items I received for Christmas. Let's start with the book related items, which turns out are all Harry Potter related. Let's just say I'm super excited about it because for some reason I didn't own any Harry Potter merchandise.

First I got a t-shirt with the deathly hallows symbol on it from my brother in blue, which is my favorite color. Then my Dad bought me a pair of Ravenclaw sweatpants. In case you were wondering, this is probably the comfiest pair of sweatpants I've ever owned. Not to mention I get to show some Ravenclaw house pride.

Then my cousin bought me a Harry Potter charm necklace. I think you're supposed to have only one charm on the necklace and switch it out with something different every once in a while. I decided why not wear them all at once. My favorite charm has to be the time turner.

Last, but certainly not least, my other brother got me this Harry Potter bracelet. It has a snitch charm, the deathly hallows, and owls. Now I can properly show off my love for the Harry Potter series!

On to the books I received for Christmas.

First I got this amazing edition of Shelly's Poetical Works from my aunt. It's an edition she found in a junk shop that is little weathered, but all the pages are there and readable. I think the weathering gives the book some character. It's an Oxford University Press edition from the 1920s and it looks like it was previously owned by an academic because there are margin notes scattered about.

The next book, Mirrored by Alex Flinn, was a gift from my mother and as some of you might know from my Tis The Season Tag post, this book is a fairytale retelling of Snow White.  

Speaking of fairytale retellings of Snow White, I also finally got Winter by Marissa Meyer, the last book in The Lunar Chronicles series. All I can say is that it's taken a lot of willpower not to just ignore the whole world and finish this.

The fifth book in this awesome Christmas gift book stack was also featured in my Tis The Season book tag and that it Ginger: My Story by Ginger Rogers. This is the autobiography of actress, Ginger Rogers.

The last book in this haul is Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. When I first read this book I immediately loved it, but I never actually got around to buying a copy for my rather large book collection. Then when I read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, I got the hugest urge to read this book and I bought it with some of the gift money I got for Christmas. As soon as this came in the mail, I sat down and read it all in one sitting. The story is just as great on the second read through. 

That's everything for this Bookish Christmas haul. I hope you found something for your next wishlist or maybe we got some of the same stuff. See you all later in the week for my December 2015 Wrap-Up!