Sunday, November 15, 2015

Penny's Music Recommendations: November 2015

November is halfway over and you know what that means. It's time for some more music recommendations. Let's just say if you're anything like me you desperately need something to listen to that isn't that new Adele song. I cringe inwardly whenever I hear the word "hello" now. Enough about that. Here are the songs I've been repeatedly listening to this month.
  • Back To Me by Allison Weiss

Like a bunch of my other favorite songs, I discovered Back To Me through Google Play's Antenna, which is their monthly list of free tracks from new artists. This song has this great upbeat indie pop feel to it, despite the fact that the lyrics deal with lost love. I mean it is a little weird to jam along to a song that mentions "crying in the car to a top 40 pop song," but I do it anyway and you should too.
  •  Wild Heart by Bleachers

After I featured Rollercoaster by Bleachers in my last Music Recommendation post, I sat down and listened to the entire album, Strange Desire. Of course, I found a couple of songs that I love and it was difficult to pick just one to feature in this post. Wild Heart has the same aesthetic as Rollercoaster in that it's an indie pop song that has a strong 80s influence to it. Again this song feels like it was ripped from the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie. In my mind this would be the song that plays in the background during the climax of the movie where the main character is slow-mo running. I bet you'll feel the same once you give this song a listen.
  •  Color by Finish Ticket

Color by Finish Ticket is another song that I discovered through this month's Google Play Antenna list. This song has an indie pop/rock sound that is impossible to ignore or even sit still and listen to. Out of all of the indie pop/rock bands that I've heard through Antenna, Finish Ticket is the one that I'm surprised hasn't had their big break yet. Color is one of those songs that I could easily see playing on a popular radio station, well if those radio stations would stop playing the same 30 songs over and over again.
  •  Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco released another song off of their forthcoming album, Death of a Bachelor, so obviously it had to be on my music recommendations list. Although it almost wasn't because it took me quite a long time to warm up to this song. When I watched the official video where Brendon basically turns into a demon, I had a nice laugh because two songs ago he was telling sinners to stand up and sing "hallelujah." When I listened to the song on that video, I was instantly repulsed and couldn't figure out why until I listened to the audio version I included above. I realized all of the sound effects from the official video like the bones cracking were what caused me to hate it so much. Now I can't get enough of the pop rock sounds and Brendon's amazing vocals.
  •  Ex's and Oh's by Elle King

Ex's and Oh's almost didn't make this list, but the day that I planned to start writing this post, I heard it on the popular radio station in my area. Normally, I don't listen to the radio that often because the songs that play aren't my favorite music genres, but I was completely shocked by this song. Elle King has this great bluesy voice that is hard to ignore. Pair that with a pop rock sound and you have a great song. Ex's and Oh's is also one of those earworm songs that sticks around long after you've heard it. Only listen if you're prepared to hum this all day long. You've been warned.

Now you know about all of the songs I've been enjoying this month and I hope you'll check out a few of them. Since next month is when the holiday season gets into full swing, there might be a special holiday edition of my music recommendations series because nothing helps you get into the spirit of the season quite like holiday music. See you then!