Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Penny's Music Recommendations: September 2015

Hello all! Despite my exhaustion and desperate wish that the work week be over already, I'm carving out some late night time to bring you another month of fantastic music recommendations. As always these are the songs that I've been listening to on repeat for the past month and I've loved them enough to want to recommend them to you. These songs are in no particular order and I hope you'll give all of them a listen!
  • Come Together by Echosmith

This wouldn't be a Penny's Music Recommendation without starting out with something from the indie pop genre, so here it is. Before discovering Come Together, I only knew Echosmith as that obnoxious band that sang the Cool Kids song that I hate with a fiery passion. It's all over the radio and I just can't stand it. Imagine my surprise when I came across this amazing song and discovered it was by the same band. Sometimes first impressions are indeed deceiving. Come Together is this infectious and peppy song with just the right amount of rock edge to keep it from being bubblegum pop. I also completely love this song for its music video. For all those that didn't immediately notice, it is inspired by the 80s movie The Breakfast Club, which happens to be one of my all time favorite movies (she says while wearing a t-shirt with The Breakfast Club characters on it).  Now I just might have to look into the rest of the band's music to see if they've released anything else I might like.
  • West End Kids (Piano Version) by New Politics

A couple of music recommendation posts back, I included the original version of West End Kids by New Politics because it was this awesome upbeat rock/pop song that gets stuck in your head really quickly. Not to mention it is the best song from their kind of lackluster new album. When I saw the piano version of this song I was more than skeptical. The lyrics and styling of the song didn't seem like they would translate well to a more stripped down, soulful interpretation and boy was I wrong. You know what makes this song work? Listen, I'll wait. Yep, that gravelly soulful voice belongs to Soren and he's the reason this song works so well. Honestly, I could listen to him sing solo all day long and that's why this song made the music recommendation list this month.
  • Back To Earth by Steve Aoki ft. Fall Out Boy

You had to know that I wouldn't let a new song that includes Fall Out Boy to go unnoticed, right?! I'm going to put a disclaimer out right now. If you are one of those people that can only appreciate songs that demonstrate Fall Out Boy's more punk rock roots, this is not the song for you. Just put on a song from Take This To Your Grave and live in musical ignorance. If you've been open to the musical metamorphosis that the band is constantly going through, then have I got an awesome song for you. Take the incredible Soul Punk vocals from Patrick Stump's solo album and then smash it together with an EDM synth sound and you've got Back To Earth. It's catchy and something you are going to want to get up and dance to.  
  • Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

In my July music recommendations post I included Tear in My Heart from Twenty One Pilots and I offhandedly mentioned that I might need to take an afternoon to explore some of their songs and I actually did just that. As a general rule, I'm more drawn to songs that have a indie rock/pop feel to them, so when I was listening to the rest of Twenty One Pilots' songs with the style of Tear in My Heart in mind, I was completely confused and kind of let down. I didn't know at the time that Twenty One Pilots is famous for blending genres in a style that is often labelled as Schizophrenic pop. 

So when I heard songs that blended rock, pop, and rap (a style of music I never listen to btw), I wasn't a fan. I resigned myself to just liking two songs from this band. Then I found myself absentmindedly singing Stressed Out, so I went back and gave their songs another listen. Little by little I grew to like more of their songs. Normally I have to let a song grow on me, not a whole band, but it did and now I can't get enough of them. Stressed Out is one of those songs that combines rap and a more laid back indie sound with lyrics that I connect to on an insane level. I'm in that awkward stage in life where I'm technically an adult, but I sure don't feel like it. With college out of the way, people expect me to find a nice paying job with my degree and start making money. This song basically expresses how it feels to want to go back to the simplicity of childhood while facing all of these new pressures and responsibilities. Just trust me on this song for once and give it a listen. In fact listen to it a couple of times and let all of the complexities of it sink in. You won't be sorry. 
  • Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

Of course I couldn't limit myself to one Twenty One Pilots song when I spent all that time listening to their discography. Car Radio is probably the one Twenty One Pilots song that most people recognize, particularly since it was featured on the Fine Bros. React channel on YouTube. This song combines rock, rap, and synth pop sounds into a shockingly addictive mixture. I don't know how it works, but it does. Again this song is easy for me to connect to lyrically speaking, since I know what it's like to not want to be stuck with your own thoughts sometimes. I'd imagine it'd be even worse driving around in a car with nothing to distract you. Sometimes people think of music as entertainment, but often it can be an escape from the world around you.
  • Clearest Blue by Chvrches

All I can say is that Chvrches' new album needs to come out soon because I don't know how much longer I can wait for the awesomeness. Clearest Blue is the latest song to be released to the public and of course I've been listening to it on repeat ever since its release. It's the same electric/synth pop you'd expect from the band, but this has to be one of few songs that you actually feel like getting up and dancing too. The beginning starts out a little quiet and then gets so infectious and peppy about halfway through the song. If you need a music pick-me-up, than this is the perfect choice. 
  • Electric Love by BORNS
Electric Love almost didn't make it on this list because I discovered its awesomeness at the last second. When I was in the process of putting the music recommendation list together for this month, it was looking kind of lackluster. I didn't want to give all of you a pitiful list, so I went on a musical exploration and this is one of the songs that came out of it. I was just listening to Pandora in the background while doing other work on the computer and this song came on. It immediately sounded familiar and I'm pretty sure it was featured on a commercial recently, but for the life of me I don't know what for. Regardless I liked it enough to feature it here and of course listen to on repeat this past weekend. Electric Love has this great laid back indie pop vibe that I just love and it's one of those songs that you have to consciously prevent yourself from belting out loud.   

Not a bad group of songs if I do say so myself. Then again I like all of the songs I recommend, so there you go. I hope you found a new favorite song or an artist that you might want to explore in the future. If there is a song you've been obsessed with, feel free to share it in the comments below. As much as I love to give out music recommendations, I don't mind receiving them either!