Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Read-a-thon 2015: Day 1

Hello readers! It has officially begun. The Summer Read-a-thon 2015 is off to a pretty great start.

I was a bit apprehensive about the amount of time I could devote to reading on my first day because I made plans with some friends, something that prevents me from reverting back to my hermit tendencies. The plus side is I'm a night owl, so those few hours after midnight really helped kick start my page count. Just a bit of some not so humble bragging, but this book nerd reached her goal of reading 100 books this year and had to up her reading challenge to 120 books!!!! All I can say is I'm loving this whole no homework thing because I can actually use my free time to read. That's about the millionth time I've mentioned that fact of my life. Time to move on.

So going into the read-a-thon I was already in the middle of reading Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer. This book is the sequel to their earlier book Between the Lines.
 The main premise of this duology is that Delilah is in love with Oliver, a prince from a fairytale book. The obvious problem is that Oliver is a character stuck in his own story. In Off the Page Delilah and Oliver have now managed to be together in the real world, but the real trouble is finding a way to stay together when the story is rebelling against all of the changes made to it. Since I'll be covering all of the books I read during my monthly wrap-up, I don't want to get too in depth with my opinions because I'd rather you not endure repetition. All I can say is this book really was kind of a let down compared to the first. For whatever reason every little bit of plot felt weak and contrived, not to mention it seemed like the language and content tended towards the border of middle grade/YA when Jodi Picoult is obviously an adult writer. I'm just curious who this book is actually marketed towards. Anyway I finished the book, which added 163 pages to my total.

Next I decided, as per usual, to avoid my monthly TBR and start a book that I've been hearing a lot of positive press about: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

The premise of the story is that a kind of socially awkward geneticist has made up his mind to start The Wife Project, where he basically makes up a questionnaire to gauge whether potential women will be suitable enough to be his wife. Then he meets another manic pixie dream girl *cough cough* I mean Rosie. I'm saving my rant for later, but basically I feel like this is a more romantic version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a book I loath so fully you can't even begin to understand. Lets just say I didn't like this book either. Regardless I read all of it, which added 295 pages to total. That brings my total up to 458 pages!

Now that's I page count I can be happy with, but I figured why not keep reading right up until midnight, which explains the lateness of this post. The next book that I picked for the first day of the read-a-thon was The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. 

This was another one of those books that got a lot of press a couple of months back, but I couldn't remember if it was good or bad. I decided to give it a chance despite the fact that it is a paranormal ya book with fairies. Normally that combination of descriptors gives me flashbacks of all the terrible books I've read in the past that deal with love triangles and fairies. Here the story centers on a brother and sister named Ben and Hazel. What makes their world different from ours is that they live near a forest inhabited by fairies. Even stranger is the horned boy encased in a glass coffin. So far I feel pretty neutral about the book. It hasn't driven me away yet, but for some reason it hasn't grabbed my attention either. Before the end of Day 1, I managed to read 129 pages. 

That means that the complete page count for Day 1 of the Summer Read-a-thon 2015 is 587 pages!

Now that I've updated all of you on my Day 1 progress, I'm ready to get started on some Day 2 reading...or maybe go to bed. Who's to know until tomorrow when I report in on all my Day 2 reading escapades.