Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summary of #livetweetHP

Hi all! So last night as promised my blog/real friend Maddy and I held the first night of #livetweetHP where we started re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone while live tweeting all of the random thoughts and jokes that come into our minds.

It was a night of fabulous childhood rediscovery, Very Potter Musical puns, life lessons from Hagrid, and the realization that maybe the great JRK had this whole series planned from the start...or she's just fantastic at linking all of her books together.

Since the night was just too important to miss, I wanted to give everyone here the opportunity to experience the hilarity of the night, even if you missed it. Here are some of our tweets from the night. Also before I forget, we never finished the first book. That means we need to do another #livetweetHP :) If you'd like to witness the magic that is two post grad English majors rediscovering our love of Harry Potter, join us tonight at 8:00pm est. 

Without further ado, please enjoy these tweets.

Hopefully these tweets are just as totally awesome as I think they are and don't forget to follow @Penny_Landon and @MadelaineWhalen for more of #livetweetHP tonight at 8:00pm est!