Friday, July 10, 2015

Harry Potter Re-Read (#livetweetHP) Featuring a Special Guest

Hello readers! About this time you were probably not expecting a new post from me, particularly since I'm too busy wiling my life away in an office...also known as work. I hope this comes as a nice surprise. So for the longest time I've been meaning to re-read one of my all time favorite series: Harry Potter. Haven't we all though really? As shocking as it sounds, I've only ever read the entire Harry Potter series one time through. I'm one of those people that doesn't like to re-read books because that time could be spent discovering new favorites.

A couple of months ago I realized something pretty horrible. I really don't remember the plot of the books all too well. In fact, over the years the plotlines of the movies have supplanted my memory of the books.

Well it's time to fix that. Starting tomorrow at 7pm est, I will be re-reading the Harry Potter series and live tweeting during the process. The thing is I couldn't possibly do this alone, so my best friend from college, who also happens to be an English major, a Harry Potter fan, and blogger, will be my partner in crime during this literary journey. Maddy can be found over at wordpress where she usually crafts wonderful posts for her blog.

We'd also love it if you'd join us as well and add to the fabulous Harry Potter conversation. If you're interested, just grab your copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and tweet along with us using #livetweetHP . Feel free to hit us up using our twitter handles @Penny_Landon  and @MadelaineWhalen . For all of you that might not be able to keep up with us tomorrow, the following day I'll be publishing another blog post updating you about the event with some of the best tweets.

So I hope you'll join us tomorrow, July 10th at 7pm est for #livetweetHP