Friday, July 17, 2015

Announcing the Summer Read-a-thon 2015!!

Hello readers! As you know, since the beginning of this blog I've hosted a read-a-thon every summer. At that time it was to speed read a ton of books before the end of the summer and before my return to school. Well now that I've graduated, this read-a-thon time has been determined by the small break I have from work. I'd rather not host the event later in the summer and risk having to battle my work week exhaustion in order to get something read. So here we are and I'm ready for a week's worth of awesome reading.

Time to get to the technicalities of the Summer Read-a-thon 2015. This fantastic week of reading will start tomorrow the 17th (Friday) at midnight and end next Friday the 24th at midnight. On each day after midnight I'll try to publish an update of my reading progress. I say try only because one of the days this week I do have to work unfortunately. Additionally, unlike the previous years, I will not be setting a page goal for myself. I learned that lesson the last read-a-thon when I got so overwhelmed and ended up quitting half way through. That won't be happening this time!! I'd rather just read at my own pace and be happy with the results.

Unlike my monthly TBR where I meticulously plan out what books I'd like to read, here I'm really just not in the mood to do that either. I kind of want to pick up whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. That being said I do want to try to get to the books that are remaining on my July 2015 TBR. I figure now will be the perfect time to get them out of the way:

Other than that I guess you'll find out what I'm reading during that week through my daily updates and if you follow me on Goodreads. I encourage, nay, implore you to join along with me and share what books you've been reading. Sometimes it's great to just set aside some solid time to read. Honestly this will probably be me for the next week. 

 Happy reading and our adventure begins tomorrow at midnight!!