Friday, April 10, 2015

Penny's Music Recommendations: April 2015

Hello Readers! I bet you're a bit surprised by the title. I kind of surprised myself with the idea to be honest. Since I first created this blog, I completely intended on making a book blog and that's what I've been doing, For a while now I've updated you on the left sidebar about my current favorite song. I figured it would be a cool way to let you know what I'm listening to while drafting these posts. Today I was thinking about more monthly series I could do to make sure I don't neglect this blog and I thought why not tell you about some of the awesome music I've been listening to...I mean this is my blog and I can write about more than just books, so I am!

I've always had a passion for music (who doesn't really?) and I've been a DJ and News Director at my college radio station for about two years now. I love to share my favorite music on air, so why not do it through writing. I'll be publishing my recommendations sometime during the middle of each month, that way you are guaranteed to have something to read between my TBR and Wrap-Up posts. Okay, enough introductory statements! Time for some music.

  •   The City by The 1975

I know I'm probably one of last people to hear of The 1975, but I love them and want to recommend them anyway. They are an English band that is technically classified as indie rock, but some of their songs like The City have a more pop rock, synth sound to them, which I'm really into right now. The lead singer's accent does make the lyrics a little bit hard to understand, but I don't care and neither should you. The song is just so damn catchy.  
  • Weight of Living Pt.1 by Bastille

Many people have heard the incredibly popular song, Pompeii, by Bastille, but I wonder how many of you have actually stopped to listen to their entire album. If not, you're really missing out on a great band. Weight of Living Pt 1. was a song that immediately caught my attention the first time I heard it. Why you ask? Here, these lyrics to the song should clue you in: "Your Albatross, let it go, let it go,/ Your albatross shoot it down, shoot it down/ When you just can't shake/The heavy weight of living" That dear readers is a fantastic reference to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, one of the few pieces of Romantic poetry that I enjoy. Also if you're an English major and miss this connection you ought to be ashamed of yourself just a little. If you don't care about this awesome literary reference then I'll just tell you this is another great indie rock song. 

  • Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy
I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but for those wondering, I'm a huge Fall Out Boy fan. When I first heard their music in middle school, I fell in love. Their songs were the soundtrack to my teenage angst filled life in high school and I haven't stopped loving them. They were my first and even my most recent concert and I wouldn't have it any other way. I do have one confession though. I've never really enjoyed Fall Out Boy's slower, more ballad like, songs. I didn't like Golden from their Infinity on High album and I couldn't get into What a Catch Donnie from Folie a Deux, but that might have been because that song basically announced the band's hiatus, which was crushing news at the time. In a shocking turn of events, Jet Pack Blues is probably my favorite song off of their newest album, American Beauty/American Psycho. I just love this section of the song: "She’s in a long black coat tonight/Waiting for me in the downpour outside/She’s singing “Baby come home” in a melody of tears/While the rhythm of the rain keeps time" Those last two lines though!!! Just give it a listen and if you don't like it, try listening to a few other more upbeat songs from the album.

  • Fall Into These Arms by New Politics

Last summer I attended Monumentor, the awesome concert tour that combined two of my all time favorite bands: Fall Out Boy and Paramore. Those were the bands everybody turned out to see, but New Politics opened  and unfortunately at that time I had no idea who they were. I hadn't heard a single one of their songs and when I was at the concert I thought they were pretty good, nothing that special, with the exception of the lead singer's awesome break dancing on stage. When I got home, I was kind of curious about the band and looked into their songs, since their concert set was kind of small. I immediately liked the majority of their album, Bad Girl in Harlem, and I'd highly recommend it. Fun fact: They are originally from Copenhagen. Fall into These Arms is probably one of the catchiest songs I've heard about a one night stand. I'll just leave it at that.     

  • Always Take You Back by Night Terrors of 1927

From one music lover to another, I have a friendly tip. In the Google play store under the music tab, they have a section that features free tracks in a range of genres from up and coming artists. While the music is utter crap half the time, you can find some gems every once in while and this song was one of them. I'd never heard of Night Terrors of 1927 until I saw them in the Google Play store about a week ago and now I can't stop listening to them. I would tell you a bit more about the band to try to convince you to listen to the song, but there is so little info about them online. Their tumblr site isn't that helpful and I couldn't find a Wikipedia page (which somebody should fix). It has a bit of an indie rock vibe to it, so definitely listen if you like that.
  • When You Were Mine by Night Terrors of 1927 (ft Tegan and Sara)

This is the second song I discovered from Night Terrors of 1927 after I heard Always Take You Back and I can't decide which one I love more. It has all the awesomeness of the first song combined with the greatness that is Tegan and Sara, another musical duo that I listen to constantly. Give it a chance. I promise it will get stuck in your head. 
  • Dangerous Times by Wildlife

I always discover bands in the weirdest, random ways. I watching the movie Playing It Cool, which wasn't too terrible a romantic comedy, when I heard this really great song in the background. I actually paused the movie to google the lyrics and the result was Lightning Tent by Wildlife, a Canadian indie rock group. Since I liked the song so much I was curious about what the rest of the album would sound like. Turns out I love their entire On The Heart album and I just chose Dangerous Times for this list because its one of the more upbeat songs on the album. I can't recommend this band enough.

I didn't intend for this to become a predominantly indie rock list when I sat down to write it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed some of my recommendations and if not, there is always next month!