Saturday, February 21, 2015

Would You Rather...? Book Edition

Hello again readers! Sorry for the radio silence (well not true considering I do have my own radio show at college, so I'm technically on the radio quite often). Anyway, my life has been pretty hectic as a Senior in college, but I haven't forgotten about this blog. I've had a bit of free time this week, so I decided to take a break from actually reading and put up a few posts. I already have one planned for the end of this month that will start a new and consistent series on this blog, so tune back in for that awesomeness.

In order to fill the time between now and that post, I decided to answer some more questions related to books and this one presents a number of Would You Rather scenarios that I just had to answer for myself.

  • Would you rather only read trilogies or standalones?
Standalones. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have to keep up with series books, particularly when there isn't enough content to warrant a whole series. I've read so many trilogies lately, since that's what the YA genre has turned into these days, where the first book is great and then the second two are huge let downs because they have so much filler material. I would also feel less guilty about abandoning series if all I ever read was standalones.
  • Would you rather only read male authors or female authors?
No. This is a stupid question and I really can't believe anyone would have a preference over what gender the author of the book they're reading has. Men and women both write equally great or terrible novels.

  • Would you rather shop at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon?
As much as I love the cheap books that I can buy at Amazon, I would rather shop at Barnes and Nobles. So many bookstores have gone out of business lately and the remaining ones need all the support they can get. Not to mention in a physical bookstore you can actually do some effective browsing that is kind of a pain to do on Amazon. I've found so many great books browsing the shelves at Barnes and Nobles that I would have never even considered had I been online shopping.

  • Would you rather all books be made into tv shows or movies?
Honestly, I wish all of them could be made into tv shows. There are so many options there and you can actually have more than two hours to devote to the storyline. For the shorter books you could have miniseries and for longer series you could have tv seasons. You have no idea how ridiculously excited I got when I found out Netflix was redoing A Series of Unfortunate Events. Could you imagine all of the awesome tv series of books ruined by the movie industry.
  • Would you rather only read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?
Would anyone that likes books really pick that first option? Really? If I had the time, you bet I'd be reading 5 books a week. Could you imagine how long it would take to finish a book if you only read 5 pages a day.
  • Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?
I feel like everybody wishes that they could be an author, including myself, but realistically I'm not that great of a creative writer. Maybe if I actually put some time and effort into in? Honestly, I would be satisfied being a reviewer.
  • Would you rather read your top 20 favorite books over and over again or constantly be reading a new book?
As much as I love my favorite books, if I had to read them over and over again, they would quickly become my least favorites. I say why reread when you can be discovering new favorite books.
  • Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?
Bookseller. I'd love to have a kitschy bookshop with a shop cat and a reading nook. I may be romanticizing this a bit, but I've volunteered at libraries and there is a lot of stress there, not to mention the minute winter hits, tons of weirdos flock to the heated interiors of libraries.
  • Would you rather only read your favorite genre or every other kind of genre?
Joke's on you! I don't have a single favorite genre. I just read whatever interests me regardless of genre.
  • Would you rather read e-books or physical books?

  Ah, the never-ending conflict between book lovers. I feel like you've already heard both sides of these arguments about a billion times, so I'm just going to keep this short, sweet, and accented with gifs. I love physical books. You can collect and display them, they don't need to be charged, they have fantastic cover art (sometimes), and they smell wonderful. Are there also benefits to an e-reader? Yes. Could I go on? Yes. Will I? Nope. Now enjoy these lovely gifs of two of my favorite public figures.

That's all the questions I have for this post, but please visit near the end of the month for my next post. It has some pretty fantastic reviews of recently released books. Until next time, Best Wishes!