Monday, December 15, 2014

December Updates (Finally)

Hello dear readers! I've finally returned, for an undetermined amount of time. As much as I had hoped to keep up this blog during the year, I really didn't have that much free time. Between intense college work and the billions of clubs I'm in, which include being the center of basically all campus media, some parts of my life had to fall to the wayside.

The last time I met you I was in the middle of a Summer Read-a-thon that was progressively failing, but in life you win some and lose some I guess. At that time I figured out that I really wasn't in the mood to cram my last few precious moments of summer with reading (gasp I know right?). Sometimes you just have to get away from the fictional world and enjoy the one you're living. You will be happy to know I did finish the Lancelot-Grail Reader that I was reading at the time of the summer reading challenge and I had a successful semester crammed full of Arthurian literature. I've even drafted another fabulous conference paper that I'll be presenting in the Spring. Such is the life of an English major.

Now that I'm on my large holiday break, I do have a bit of free time that I need to fill with more than just tv watching and sleeping. While I'm not going to promise a billion posts over the next week or two, I will be putting up a few posts which I hope you'll enjoy. In fact, I took the time to finish one of the posts I started over the summer and never had the time to finish. As a result, the list is a bit dated, but I think you'll still like it. That should be up a few minutes after this is posted actually. I hope the rest of your night is fabulous and it's great to be back talking about books not related to my college work. Best Wishes!