Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bookish Identity Tag!

Time for a fun post AWE YEAH!! As promised I've decided to adapt one of my favorite tag videos from booktube for my blog. The Bookish Identity Tag is perfect because I get to reveal a little bit more about myself and the books that I've read. For those interested, the original tag video can be found here and I've changed one question and added a couple more because that's just how I roll. Anyway time to get started with the tag.

1) Which dystopian/ fantasy world would you live in?

I tried so hard to be original with this question, but really the only answer is Hogwarts from Harry Potter. I feel like with a lot of dystopian worlds life would just suck there, whereas with Hogwarts the perks (magic obviously) balance out the whole dark lord threat.

I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter:(

2) Who would your partner be?

The question didn't say you had to pick a character from the world you chose to live in, so after considering all of the romantic leads from the YA books I've read I finally decided to go with Dimitri Belikov from the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. I know everybody has been crushing after Adrian because of how great he is in the Bloodlines series, but I can't forget how incredible Dimitri is as a character. He's smart, caring, funny, supportive, and a bad ass Dhampir that could handle any trouble that comes our way. Sorry Rose, but Dimitri would be all mine.

3) Who would your best friend/sidekick be?

For this question I decided to pick a character that I loved in middle school and still love today that reminds me of myself. Not to mention she would be helpful to have around, if I could ever get her away from her siblings. I am of course talking about Violet Baudelaire from The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I feel like we share a lot of common interests and if we ever got into a pinch I just tell her to tie up her hair ribbon because we have some problem solving ahead.

4) Who would your godly mother/father be? (reference to the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series)

Athena. Nobody should be shocked by this choice considering how bookish I am and how much I value intelligence. Even since I learned about the Greek gods and goddesses in sixth grade, I've always identified with Athena.

5) Would you be a Downworlder or a Nephilim? (Mortal Instruments Series)

As much as I've come to resent this series, I still want to answer because I really did think about this question when I was reading the first three books in the series. I personally would like to be a Downworlder as a Warlock. Magnas Bane is the only character that I really liked from the series and the idea of having magic and being immortal sounds fantastic to me. I could stay out of all of the Shadowhunter's conflicts unless I was feeling particularly generous and I would have plenty of time to see the world and read as many books as possible.

6) Which Hogwarts house would you be in?

Proud Ravenclaw right here!!!!
When I was younger I really wanted to be in Gryffindor because the books and movies made it sound like that was the best house and of course because I fancied myself a Hermione. I really should have known I was a true Ravenclaw at heart and the error of my ways was revealed when Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw. Now I wholeheartedly embrace my house. 

7) Which faction would you be in? (Divergent Series)

When I read the Divergent Series by Veronica Roth I always had the suspicion that I would test into Erudite and to double check I took the official test here to find out. Turns out that I'm divergent with the highest aptitude for Erudite. 

8) Which character do you most identify yourself with?

I kind of already mentioned this two questions ago, but the character that I've always identified the most with is Hermione Granger. When I was younger I'll admit I was kind of an annoying know it all (a trait I still have today) and I love to read. I'm always concerned with doing the best that I can in school and like Hermione I have a tight knit group of supportive friends that I really care about.  

That's the last question in the Bookish Identity Tag and I hope you enjoyed reading some of my answers. I totally encourage you to answer the tag for yourself and feel free to share them in the comments. Until next time, Best Wishes!!