Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Read-a-thon 2014 Part 1: Day 3

Hello readers! It's that time again where I ramble on about the awesome reading I accomplished during Day 3 of the Summer Read-a-thon 2014 challenge. To be honest I was actually surprised that I managed to read as much as I did, which is probably a testament to the quality of what I was reading. Today was just one of those days where I had the immense urge to veg out on the couch and watch a huge quantity of terrible tv. Instead of fully giving into that desire, I successfully alternated between reading and watching the food network and Antiques Roadshow (the British version, not the American one).

As promised in my last post I started reading The Diviners by Libba Bray. Here is a picture of the cover of the edition I'm currently reading from:
   Not as cool as the cover on the hardback edition, but I guess it's the text inside that counts

During the day I managed to read 258 pages, which is a pretty huge chunk, but sadly not even halfway through this almost 600 page book. If I add those pages to my overall total thus far I've now read 1,062 pages. I'm convinced that for Part 2 of this read-a-thon in August I'm really going to have to make my goal pretty high.

Since I don't want to leave you with such a short post for today, I'll talk a little bit about my general feelings about the novel even though I'm nowhere near finishing it. First, I was a little disappointed to find out I'd got myself into another series. It's nothing against this book in particular, but I'm really a little bit tired of series books. They drag on forever and I have to keep track of release dates, plus it's a commitment that I feel bad about not following through with even if the series turns into complete crap (cough cough Mortal Instruments cough cough). Just give me some amazing standalones and I'll be a content reader.

Now some comments actually related to the book. So far I'm pretty satisfied with the format of this book and the way that the story is unfolding. There is this nice mixture of supernatural elements, drama, and some comedic moments all framed with the 1920s New York setting. At least so far, there aren't any love triangles and romance doesn't dominate the story, which is a gigantic breath of fresh air! Aside from her incredibly stupid catchphrase "pos-i-tute-ly", I like the protagonist, Evie O'Neill. She's so hilarious and spunky that I wish I could go out and party with her. The only major complaint that I have with the book, which could change, is that I strangely find that the setting dominates the actual plot. I personally feel like there is way too much time devoted to the atmosphere of the 1920s and of course the new found freedom of the flappers that it detracts from the interesting parts about the Diviners and how they play a part in some recent murders involving cultist imagery. There are only so many nightclub scenes that I can read before I start to get bored. I'm hoping the story will pick up in the next 50 pages or so.

Aside from those brief observations I have nothing more to say about the book. Tomorrow I'll continue to read The Diviners while resisting the temptation to watch more mind numbing tv. So without further ado, be adventurous, finish that book gathering dust on your shelf, and as always Best Wishes!!