Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Read-a-thon 2014 Part 1: Day 2

Greetings fellow readers! Day 2 of the Summer Read-a-thon challenge 2014 has officially ended and I'm here to provide you with some updates on my progress thus far in my quest to read as much as possible this summer. Today for me was the definition of a lazy day, so I spent the majority of it reading and consuming multiple cups of tea and coffee. As many of you may remember I still had plenty of The Quick by Lauren Owen left to read at the closing of Day 1, so that's the book I spent most of the day reading. Here is a picture of the cover in case you missed it in the last two posts.

With all the determination I could muster, I managed to finish this book about a half an hour before midnight which made my total for the entire day a whopping 350 pages. I'm quite surprised I managed to pull that off. After adding those pages to my overall total for the entire challenge, my page count is now up to 804 pages!! I'm starting to think that my 1,500 goal was quite a bit low.

Now normally I spend a couple of paragraphs discussing my opinions about the book, but in the case of The Quick I've already planned to do a complete review, probably sometime after the challenge ends because I don't want to interrupt my reading streak. Although I will say that lately in my reviews I'm starting to notice a pattern where the book blurbs don't authentically match up with the actual story and that seems to be the case with this book as well. In fact the blurb almost sensationalizes the story and leads you to believe so many amazing events will unfold. Sadly, the best part of the book is its blurb and even with a massive 523 pages nothing captivating or significant happens. That's all I really want to say about the book at this moment, but if you stick around for a couple of days I can promise that I will talk about why I didn't like The Quick that much in detail in my full review. Moving on...

I didn't get a chance to start another book before midnight, but I did glance through my TBR pile and picked out the book I will be starting Day 3 with. The next lucky book I'll be reading is The Diviners by Libba Bray.
Libba Bray is another amazing author that I discovered in high school and I particularly loved her Great and Terrible Beauty Series. A couple of years ago I also read and enjoyed her book Beauty Queens, so I'm hoping that I will like The Diviners just as much as her other books.

That's all the updates I have for you in this rather short post, but you should stick around for more Summer Read-a-thon adventures. Stay awesome, do some reading, and as always Best Wishes!