Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Updates (Including Twitter News!!!)

Hello my lovely readers!! It's that time of the year where I give you a brief update about what's new about the blog and what types of posts I have planned for the future. After another successful year at college, it's finally summer and I have plenty of free time to read the books that I want to read.

As you've probably already noticed the frequency of my posts have increased and my goal is to post something at least once a week for the duration of the summer. Speaking of summer I've made up my mind to take part in another Summer Read-a-Thon, but I currently haven't decided whether to have just one week long event or do a week to celebrate the beginning of summer and then do another week near the end of summer. I'm leaning more towards the second option because I know there will be a couple of academic books I need to read that I'll inevitably put off until August. Either way a ton of reading will occur!

Next on my list of updates is to let you know that I will be continuing my Jane Eyre Watch-a-thon and I already have a post planned for the next adaption on my list. Let's just say this adaption is much more recent than the ones I have already reviewed. I'll also continue to bring you some awesome book reviews and what ever random book related topics I can think up. 

Now for the biggest news of this post. I decided it was high time that I expanded the scope of this blog, so I now have a Twitter account!! I figured this could be another way that I could easily communicate updates, tweet about new blog posts and other book related news, and of course connect with you! You can follow me @Penny_Landon You can tell me your thoughts about a book or movie I've recently reviewed, recommend a book to me that I should read, request that I read a particular book on my TBR list sooner, or even ask me your burning questions. I'm currently working on integrating my twitter account to this blog so make sure to keep an eye out for that. 

Well that's all of the updates that I have for now, but stay tuned for my next Jane Eyre Watch-a-thon post which should be up sometime tomorrow. Best Wishes!!