Monday, June 9, 2014

Donating Books and Making Room For More

Well hello readers! I've decided to mix things up and post something other than a review or a Watch-a-thon discussion. As many of you might know from my earlier posts my rather substantial book collection is currently in boxes because of the complete lack of space where I live and recently I managed to fill up the remaining space I had in those six boxes. As a book lover, when I'm not reading books, I'm buying large piles of them from Barnes and Nobles or used bookstores. Let's just say I have a lot of book clutter in my life.

While I'm highly protective of my book collection, I've had the urge for the past three weeks to go through those boxes and get rid of any books that I really have no desire to keep anymore. Today was the day I finally put aside my laziness and set out to cull those unnecessary books from my precious collection. 

At first I was a bit worried about how I would feel during this process because in the past whether I liked a book or not I always kept it. Shockingly, the whole experience was a bit exhilarating and there is something sort of fulfilling about getting rid of a book you really really hated.  

The smallest box out the six in total now with plenty more room for new books

Just knowing that books like The DUFF, The Alchemist, and The Friday Night Knitting Club would be finally out of my life made me feel about as great as I would buying a whole new stack of books. 

In addition to picking apart the books that I've already read in my collection, I spent some time considering the books in my TBR pile. While I bought a number of them with the best of intentions, I came to the realization that I would never get around to reading them. Some of the plots just didn't sound as exciting as when I first bought them or my reading tastes have changed. When all was said and done I managed to almost fill a large canvas bag with all the books I no longer wanted in my life.

This bag of books will soon be donated to my local Salvation Army store where hopefully they will find a new home with somebody who will actually appreciate them. If you currently own any books you didn't like or know you won't ever get around to reading I encourage you to donate or sell them. Make some room for your next favorite book or series. Until my next post, Best Wishes!