Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Guide for the Book Lover on Your List

I know this post is a little late in the season, but I figured I could put my own internet wanderings to good use and make a convenient list of all the book related products that any reader would enjoy getting. I've spent a good deal of my time these past couple of months trying to find stuff to put on my own Christmas list and these are some of the items that I've not only come across, but also have been ardently wishing would make an appearance under my Christmas tree.

Before I get to the actual list though I would like to address one topic that I think is pretty important for holiday gift giving and that is gift cards. While handing over a gift card for a bookstore to a reader can be a great gift (and I gift that I do appreciate on occasion) oftentimes it can be construed as impersonal and thoughtless. In order to combat those awful impressions here is some advice.

Unless someone specifically asks for just a gift card, there are a number of ways you can personalize the gift of a gift card to make everyone happy. First you could buy a small book related item to accompany the card. Something as simple as a bookmark would be perfect. You could also give them a book light which is incredibly useful particularly for those of us who have decided not to give into the popularity of ereaders. You could also nestle the gift card in an awesome mug with some small packages of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. I know that there is no greater pleasure as a reader than cuddling up with a great book and a warm beverage. If all else fails make an amazing package to enclose the gift card.

Now it's time for the online guide to buying a book lover the perfect gift. Before buying any of these gifts I suggest that you do a little sleuthing and figure out the favorite book or author of the person you are buying the gift for. You'll see why soon enough.

  • Anything from Litographs.com

This awesome online store sells t-shirt, posters, and tote bags all related to your favorite classic book. The best part is that the designs of these items are created by artists using the actual text from the book.

  • Out of Print Clothing and Accessories

This website also sells clothing and other accessories like jewelry, tote bags, and stationary related to your favorite book. It is perfect for the person who isn't afraid to advertise their reading tastes to the public. I currently own their Jane Eyre sweatshirt and I really love it.

  • A book scarf from the Etsy shop Storiarts

There is something so wonderful about being able to wear parts of your favorite book and this fantastic seller takes actual excerpts from your favorite book and prints it onto scarfs. Now that the weather is getting colder everyone needs a scarf, so why not make it book related. While there are only a limited number of books available, the seller does do custom orders.

  •  Anything Book Related on Etsy.com Really
My suggestion is just to search up a favorite book or author and go from there. You will be surprised to find all of the awesome stuff people make. On a whim I searched Charlotte Bronte and now I have about a million things on my wish list.

  • Paper Passion Perfume

There is just something so incredible about the smell of books both new and old. Whenever I get a book the first thing I do is smell it and I know for a fact that I am not alone in this weird habit. The smell of paper and ink is so amazing that on more than one occasion I've wished they could make a perfume out of it and they have!! While this would make for a great gift be aware that it is quite pricey, which is one of the reasons why this perfume will remain on my wish list for some time.

  •   Personal Library Kit
This awesome gift is for the book lover that loves to share their books and loves the feel of having a personal library. It includes pockets, checkout cards, a stamp and ink pad, and a pencil. I would have asked for this for Christmas, but I would probably need a ton of these kits because my personal library is so large.

  • A Bookbinding Kit
This kit includes all the tools you will need to make your own book at home. I'm confident that this is one DIY project that any book lover would enjoy doing.
  • Floating Bookshelves
This awesome shelf makes it look like your books are floating on your walls when in all actuality they are safely shelved. This is a great way to decorate or store books that can no longer fit on your regular bookshelf.
And last but not least...speaking of bookmarks
  • Fingerprint Bookmark

This elastic bookmark is perfect for anyone who likes to read because it keeps track of the exact line that the reader left off at.
Well this is just a selection of the awesome stuff you can get someone who loves to read. Did anything on this list catch your eye? Is there something important that I forgot?
Stay tuned for some more book related posts! Best Wishes.