Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Read-a-thon: Day 6

Sorry for the delay of this post. I found out the new Panic! At The Disco song dropped and I had to abuse the replay button a few times before I reminded myself I had a post to write. If you're curious about it, I have placed the video, called This is Gospel, in my favorite songs of the moment box in the sidebar.

 I would also like to call your attention to the new tab feature I have which proudly displays a TBR tab that will take you to an up to date list of all the books that are currently in my to be read pile. Aside from the fact that I have grouped books by the same author together, they are in no particular order. I could chose to read my next book from anywhere on the list. As I gradually finish the books they will be crossed off and, of course, I will be adding new books as I buy them. So grab your curiosity and head on over there!

As you all know from my last post the book that I'm currently reading is Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie. I managed to read 88 pages today, which brings my overall total up to 1329 pages. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. While I'm determined to stay mostly silent on my opinions until tomorrow, I do have a few things to comment on before I let you all get back to your incredibly important lives.

The first relates to Christie's penchant for giving a list of the characters with a brief bio before the story. While I do appreciate this immensely, I have to wonder if it's a bit of a cop out. The problem is these people's names pop in the story without any character introduction and then I'm constantly forced to flip to the beginning of the book to tell them all apart. You would figure with all of her books that I've read I would be used to it, but I'm not.

The second relates to the story and isn't a criticism or some positive aspect of the book. Rather it's just the images that seem to pop in my head when reading this. Lady Hattie Stubbs in the book is portrayed as sort of a flighty, materialistic, simple-minded woman who couldn't possibly be a legit suspect (even though I totally think she could be the murderer). Constantly the other characters reference the fact that she is well dressed, but seems to be lacking in mental faculties or has lost a little bit upstairs. Either way they put it, every time they do I see this:

  Poor Lady Stubbs! If only she had intelligence...or a head for that matter
The last observation that I made was something shocking that I noticed about the book. I don't know if it's because I haven't read the right Christie books, but she actually acknowledges the possibility of rape being in conjunction of murder. I take it for granted that all of her stories involve murders that revolve around someone with a motive who only engages in coldblooded and not sexual murder, which is directly opposite of the crime shows today where every murder takes on a grim, revolting sexual tone. I think I'll just stick to my Agatha Christie's thank you!
Those are the only opinions I'll be sharing today, but do stick around for my posts tomorrow. I bet the suspense is killing you ;)