Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Read-a-thon: Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of my summer reading challenge series, where I strive to make my reading sound as interesting as possible, but really it's just me lazing around with cups of tea staring at some paper for an hour or two. Now I call that riveting stuff, which sadly didn't happen for long today. I got busy right after I woke up and then time seemed to have run away from me. So it goes.

I did however do a little reading, so I might as well discuss my book of choice and the page counts. As I indicated in the last post I decided to pick up Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie.

After I finished the Lincoln book I knew right away that this would be the next book on my list. Earlier I was watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow (no I'm not an old woman and yes it is a great show) and they mentioned Agatha Christie's summer home and how she took her inspiration for this book from the area. This book flashed on the screen and when the plot didn't immediately come to mind I wondered if I owned it or not. Lucky for me it was sitting right there in my TBR pile just waiting to be noticed. I picked it up and well here we are.

I managed to read 41 pages of it tonight, which brings my overall total up to 1282 pages. Now as much as I'd like to reveal some of my opinions, I will be holding off on most of them until Monday when I do my Murder Mystery Monday post. I just know that I'll have some rather interesting observations to make about the genre.

I do have one last thought that I'd like to share before wrapping up this post. I've been considering sharing this much talked about TBR pile of mine. Maybe seeing it written down will convince me that I will have to find a spare moment during college to read some of them. Maybe you'll see a book that you've read and have an opinion you'd like to share about it or maybe you'll see one that you're interested in having my perspective on before you read it yourself. Either way I think I'll see about making that happen sometime in the future. Plans! So many plans!